“REAGRO” information system

“REAGRO” information system

Clusters play a key role in the development of the agro-industrial complex in agriculture, as they are interconnected and interdependent groups of companies, farms, research centers, suppliers and other actors. lib, concentrated in a specific geographic area and linked by common goals and specializations. Taking into account the above, the development of a cluster assessment and rating system in agriculture will help to create a unified assessment system, which will allow for an objective comparison and rating of clusters based on established criteria and methodologies.

Purpose, tasks and scope of application

Objectives: Objectives of IT creation:

̶  collection of information on various aspects of cluster activity. This includes information on operational efficiency, technology levels, financial results, management effectiveness and other key indicators.

̶  Processing the collected data to conduct analytics and create cluster ratings.

̶ Creation of a methodology that determines the relationship between various criteria and their weights in the formation of a general cluster rating

̶  Providing users with a convenient interface to view the results of cluster ratings in the form of reports, charts, graphs and other visual aids.

̶ Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of cluster data processed by the system ̶ Providing rating evaluation.

Duties: The main purpose of AT:

̶ Evaluating the effectiveness of each cluster based on the entered data and established criteria;

̶ Stimulate competition and increase the quality of activity;

̶  Ensuring transparency in the assessment and evaluation process;

̶  Monitoring the work of clusters and analyzing the activity; ̶  Maintaining an up-to-date database of clusters;

̶  Publishing ratings on the home page of IS.

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