A meeting was held with officials of the “Uzbekfishing industry” association

A meeting was held with officials of the “Uzbekfishing industry” association

This meeting was attended by Utkir Makhmudov and Bobur Tillabayev, the head of the Agroindustry Digitalization Center, and Amon Musayev, the chairman of the Uzbekfishing Industry Association.

In the framework of the practical meeting, first of all, the issues of active integration of information technologies and the basics of digitalization in all spheres with active positions in the republic development and prosperous life of our country’s President Shavkat Mirziyoyev were specifically addressed.

After that, Utkir Makhmudov, director of the Center for Digitization of Agro-Industry, commented on the practical developments and digitalization projects introduced by the Center in the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan today, and expressed his opinion about the advantages of digitalization of the fisheries sector.

In particular, optimization, operationalization of the management system, control, service services and feedback in the field, and one of the most important, the ability to create direct, mutually beneficial and transparent relationships with service consumers. expressed his opinion.

At the same time, the chairman of the association, Omon Musayev, gave information about the legal status and organizational structure of the association, commented on the urgency of cooperation with the center, and talked about the organizational foundations of the practical process.

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