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Our main responsibilities

In order to improve the efficiency of using digital and geo-information technologies in agriculture and water management, the state institution “Agro-Industry Digitization Center” was established under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The main tasks of the center include:

  • 01

    Implementation of digital technologies and development of software products in the agro-industrial complex

  • 02

    Creating technological conditions for the introduction of "smart agriculture" technologies

  • 03

    Creation of a database on agro-industry and food

  • 04

    Introduction of geoinformation systems in agriculture

  • 05

    Ensuring continuous operation of software products developed by the center

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Projects in our areas of activity

Under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan by the state institution "Center for Digitization of Agro-Industry". ongoing projects

Food security

1. Electronic agro-industry market portal - "Marketplace"

2. Information system "Unified state of subsidies in the agricultural sector"

3. Monitoring of statistical data and permanent and seasonal jobs created in the field of agriculture "stat.agro.uz" information system

4. "Food safety monitoring" subsystem

5. Food Security and Agriculture Business Analysis Subsystem
Food security

Financial management

1. Agrar siyosatni amalga oshirishning asosiy axborot vositasi “Agrosanoat majmuasida yagona agroplatforma” axborot tizimi.

2. "Konsolidatsiyalangan buxgalteriya hisobining avtomatlashtirilgan" quyi tizimi

3. Investitsion loyihalarni shakllantirish, nazorat qilish va amalga oshirish monitoringi quyi tizimi
Financial management

Land Administration

1. Single integrated platform "Digital Agriculture"

2. ArcGIS geoinformation system, which allows effective use and accounting of land resources in agriculture, monitoring of agricultural crops

3. E-IJARA information system intended for lease of land plots for agricultural purposes

4. Subsystem "Monitoring the cycle of pesticides and fertilizers"

5. "Online report in the field of agriculture" information system

6. Subsystem "Agricultural Statistics".
Land Administration

Science and education

1. Information system "AKIS CENTER" implemented in the center of agricultural services of Tashkent region"

2. Implementation of the "Smart Campus" project at the Tashkent State Agrarian University.
This project consists of several modules that provide automation of the learning processes of the library, applicants, student dormitories, accounting, students and teachers.
Science and education

Water Department

1. Austrian company "BAUER" GmbH and its water-saving technologies offered in agriculture

2. "Rubicon" water resource management system

3. Development of an electronic prototype model (in the example of Fergana region) of keeping water balance and consumption accounts and remote monitoring of proper land irrigation
Water Department

Agricultural machinery

1. Subsystem "Agricultural machinery monitoring and management information system"

2. "Unified state register of state-tested, imported and nationally produced agricultural and reclamation equipment" information system
Agricultural machinery

Our projects

Automated information systems being developed by the state institution "Center for Digitization of Agro-industry" under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Center news

Here you can get acquainted with the latest news related to the digitalization of our Center, agriculture and agro-industry

Work process

Under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan State institution "Center for digitization of agricultural industry". automated being developed by information systems go through the following main processes

Our services

Automated information systems being developed by the state institution "Center for Digitization of Agro-industry" under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Project documents

Development of design and technical documents based on the state standard of the Republic of Uzbekistan UzDst 1987:2018. If you do not have the necessary skills in the development of project-technical documents, qualified specialists of our Center will help you.

Web design

Development of user-friendly and easy-to-use design (UI-UX) for new systems that are far from the IT direction and cannot master computer technologies well. We have qualified web designers in our center to create website design. They have the latest technological (graphics or programming) skills.


We produce websites and information systems in the field of agro-industry and are ready to cooperate with you in this direction. Our center has developed more than 20 personal information systems.

Creating mobile applications

We build apps that work for your business and your users. Whether it's a complex enterprise platform and database, a responsive web application or a marketing site.


in the center

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Frequently asked questions

You can get all the information by contacting the responsible specialist of the Personnel Department listed on the official website of our center.

You can get information in the “Our Activities” section on the official website of our center, and you can also contact the project managers through their work phones and get complete information.

To our center by e-mail digitalization@agro.uz or Tashkent region, str. University, 2

Our center is located in the auxiliary building of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Address: Tashkent region, Universitetskaya street, 2

For technical support of all information systems of our center, you can call +99871 206 70 07.


Do you want us to work as a team?

Fill out the resume based on the sample form and send it to digitalization@agro.uz. The submitted resume will be reviewed within a week and the candidate who meets the requirements will be invited for an additional interview. Candidates must have a higher technical education.

Our address

Our partners

For two years, not only organizations in the agrarian direction, but also a group of representatives of other fields have been providing cooperation support to our Center. These are specialists with extensive experience and influence in the practical market of Uzbekistan. The IT, informational support, consulting support they provide is becoming important. We thank them for their presence in our activities, joint projects and regular events, and we hope for fruitful cooperation for many years.