Geoinformation system of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Ministry of Agriculture’s own geoinformation system based on the ArcGIS software product has been launched in test mode since November 2021. To date, this system has been integrated with information systems of 4 ministries and departments of the republic, as well as with subordinate organizations of the Ministry of Agriculture. The data being processed and the capabilities of the system are constantly being expanded with satellite imagery received every 10 days, as well as monitoring data collected from 200 field workers in real time. The possibility of obtaining all the necessary data has been created, including from information about land users, soil properties, the availability of irrigation systems, and ending with data analyzes made using artificial intelligence technologies for automatic recognition of crop types. In the near future, the capabilities of the system will be expanded through the use of high-quality multispectral images obtained through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles of the Ministry of Agriculture. In the future, the system will be reoriented to the needs of a wide range of agricultural land users, and with its help it will be possible to determine the favorable time for planting or harvesting, calculate the fertilizer scheme, monitor, predict the volume of agricultural crops, and detect their diseases in a timely manner.

A cartographic scheme for downloading Sentinel multispectral satellite images has been created for the current monitoring of agricultural crops in 2023 at the national level.