Geoinformation system of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Ministry of Agriculture’s own geoinformation system based on the ArcGIS software product has been launched in test mode since November 2021. To date, this system has been integrated with information systems of 4 ministries and departments of the republic, as well as with subordinate organizations of the Ministry of Agriculture.

“Agroplatforma” Information System

The Agroplatform information system, integrated with databases and information systems of commercial banks and companies, cadastral, tax and justice authorities, is currently undergoing preliminary tests in Andijan, Namangan and Ferghana regions.

Financing system of fruit and vegetable industry

An automated information system designed to collect, review and negotiate with competent authorities and organizations on the leasing of agricultural land plots has been launched at the State institution “Agroindustry Digitization Center”. Go to website

“Smart Campus” in TSAU.

The Smart Campus project is designed to improve the quality of education using modern digital technologies. This project helps to compile and analyze student knowledge databases based on the rating and portfolio of students, and the system also introduces a number of changes in the educational process of the university. The “Smart Campus” project provides an opportunity for quick and efficient access to information (knowledge), which leads to the development of the agricultural industry.

Electronic agro-industrial trade portal – “Marketplace”.

In 2022, an electronic agro-industrial trade portal – “Marketplace” will be launched. Farmers, agricultural producers, large clusters, agro-logistics centers, processors, small and large retail chains will become users of the trade portal. Marketplace will be especially relevant for residents of settlements with low penetration of financial services and for low-mobility categories of agricultural producers. In the future, through this platform, it will be possible to conclude export contracts and develop the export of agricultural products.

“Agrosubsidiya” Information System

The unified information system “Agrosubsidia”, developed by specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the subordinate state institution “Center for Digitalization of the Agro-Industrial Complex”, was launched in test mode. Agricultural producers can now electronically apply for subsidies related to the introduction of water-saving technologies in agriculture.

“E-IJARA” Information System

Automated information system of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, designed to collect, review and approve materials on the lease of agricultural land plots with authorized bodies and organizations