A new presidential decree has been adopted

A new presidential decree has been adopted

A new Presidential Decree “On measures to introduce advanced digital technologies in the agricultural sector” (PP–257 dated 02/08/2023) was adopted.

According to the decree, from September 1, 2023, the Agroplatform information system will be introduced within the framework of the unified integration platform “Digital Agriculture”.

The platform provides for the digitalization of the processes of providing preferential loans for growing cotton, cereal grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as the provision of services to agricultural producers based on the principle of transparency.

Starting from the 2024 harvest, expenses for growing agricultural products will be financed on the basis of orders from commercial banks generated electronically through the Agroplatform IT.

At the same time, the provision of electronic services to product manufacturers through their personal accounts in the Agroplatform IT will be established.

Until the end of 2023:

A platform for providing services that analyzes geographic information technologies and satellite images will be introduced;

existing crop placement mechanisms will be improved with the help of digital technologies.

At the same time, the “CropAgro” information system will be introduced to receive proposals from land users, electronic placement of agricultural crops, approval, automatic generation of information and reports;

Agricultural geoportals of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and regions are being improved, open access to geographic, statistical and analytical information related to the agricultural sector of the relevant regions is being established.

According to the resolution, before February 1, 2024, to ensure the reliability and timeliness of statistical data on the industry, it is planned to launch a Center for Assessment of the Situation in the Agricultural and Food Sector.

By October 1, 2023, a unified database of agricultural land users will be formed in the Agroplatform IT.

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