What kind of system is the “Crop Agro” information system?

What kind of system is the “Crop Agro” information system?

Digitized crop information is used to provide financial services to farmers

If the description of the soil, water supply, and the specialization of the area, the placement of crops, i.e., planning for the next year’s harvest, serves to ensure food security, the formation of this information by the state provides timely support to producers. useful for organizing support.Our previous “Agroplatforma” system is being developed to finance cotton, grain crops, and fruit and vegetable growing. This platform, which is being developed in close cooperation with the state institution “Center for Digitization of Agrosanoat” under the Ministry and “Unitary Integrator UZINFOCOM” LLC under the Ministry of Digital Technologies, is designed to provide comprehensive financial services.

As part of the implementation of this platform, the center is implementing another digitization project. This system, called “CropAgro” IT, will increase the accuracy and relevance of land users’ information about cultivated land, ensure their openness, consider the proposals of farmers and clusters on the placement of crops. it is intended to be used for the purpose of organizing the exit.

An information system used for receiving proposals from agricultural land users, electronic placement of agricultural crops, agreement, information and reporting

Currently, the employees of the Ministry of Agriculture and the “Agro-Industry Digitization Center” are providing information on this system, familiarizing them and answering the questions of farmers.

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